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Here at Indigo Danu, I empower you to take control of your sovereignty through mind and soul connection. I believe in providing tools for your continued personal growth to last your lifetime. My system infuses Spiritual Psychology therapeutic modalities with ancient Energy Healing practices to give you a personal and customized approach to your unique healing needs.

I will take you on a journey of getting closer to yourself in ways you never imagined. This is a journey to learn the deepest parts of your soul, intuition, and higher self to awaken your most authentic gifts and talents. 


You already know everything you need to know within you to heal and thrive. I walk alongside you to drop within and teach you how to access your higher sensitivity and your higher awareness, and at the same time, help you to wash through old patterns that are keeping you blocked from accessing these higher aspects. 

When you genuinely know all parts of yourself, you can unlock the power to achieve anything your heart desires.

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