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My name is Bridget, and I am so excited you're here! My mission is to help women develop and improve their relationship to self through synthesizing psychology and spirituality. I dedicate my work to leading change within. Change takes courage, perspective, dedication, and confidence. As a woman who has navigated many leadership roles, including motherhood and the military, I am passionate about walking alongside others and providing the strength, shelter, and freedom to be our most authentic selves.

As an empath, I understand what it is to live among the subtleties of the universe and how that can be a struggle in such a busy society. I also know the unique abilities we have as humans to heal ourselves within... and it is my truest joy to teach this to others. I had my own Spiritual awakening in my early 30s, and quickly came to realize that this phenomena is widely experienced, yet rarely talked about. This leaves many women feeling alone and questioning their sanity. 

Originally from Buffalo, NY, I moved to California after completing my Reiki Master training to gain perspective on non-ordinary states of consciousness and how we can weave this very nurturing practice into our Western society. As I move through my healing practices and education, I am discovering more about my Celtic roots, what ancestral healing has to offer in this world today, and how I can use this to heal and teach others to heal themselves.

I feel a call deep within to create a grounded and relatable presence for people to explore the healing world. I want to normalize addressing the full spectrum of the human psyche within our culture, beyond pathology in psychiatry. We need to start allowing ourselves to explore our Spirituality without stigma. It is important for women's empowerment and unleashing the Goddess within you. 


 I have a passion for education and credibility in my services. After completing my bachelor's in liberal arts for business and life coaching, my path took me to Sofia University in Palo Alto, California. I completed my master's degree in Transpersonal Psychology and a certificate in Eco-Psychology (nature-based energy healing), and am now working on my PhD in Transpersonal Psychology. I have also completed specialized trainings in Shamanic healing techniques, somatic experiencing and subconscious healing, and Psychosynthesis Life Coaching (self-actualization). I am dedicated to leading you with confidence and reliability. If you want to discuss your journey, please get in touch with me, I'm looking forward to working with you. 


Differing from mainstream psychology, Transpersonal Psychology does not work with patients to analyze mental health. Transpersonal Psychology focuses on self-actualizing for the betterment of the collective (society). With roots in humanism, phenomenology, and existentialism, Transpersonal Psychology emphasizes and seeks to promote human rationality, agency, positive inner experience, positive mental health, and the full realization of individual potential (self-actualization). It also aims to reinstate interest in the kinds of ‘higher’ human experiences … to include love, empathy, creativity, intuition, mystical experiences, altruism, and compassion. 

Bachelors degree , Liberty University, Business and Life Coaching 

Masters degree, Sofia University, Transpersonal Psychology 

Certificate in Eco-Psychology, Sofia University  

Psychosynthesis Life Coach

ThetaSomaTM Certified

Reiki Master, Usui Reiki

Shamanic Techniques Certificate 

PhD Student, Sofia University, Transpersonal Psychology


**Note: I am not a licensed therapist, and do not take health insurance. I cannot diagnose disease or mental illness. I cannot prescribe medications.**

Additional resources for anyone who is having a Spiritual Emergency:


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

Call or text, 716.507.7460

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