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Harmonize your mind, body, and soul

Silhouette  of a man in lotus meditation position with Seven Chakras on flowing rainbow en

Biofield Therapy

1 hr Session ~ $179

Discover the power of this unique energy healing experience, using a blend of Reiki and Celtic Ancestral healing modalities. Scientifically backed benefits include reducing anxiety, stress, depression, and pain, promoting relaxation, enhancing overall well-being, and anti-aging benefits. 

Our sessions leave you feeling restored, joyful, and connected. Experience balanced energy for clarity, ease, and confidence, shedding toxic influences and embracing abundance. We will identify root causes of imbalances and educate you on subconscious patterns, helping you break free from repeating life lessons.

Image by Greg Rakozy

Biofielf Therapy Package of 4

4 Sessions ~ $600

Enjoy the benefits of using multiple sessions to create powerful results in your life. Packages are particularly effective for those looking to supplement medical care in pain management, chronic illness, or breaking addiction. Packages are also an awesome route for leveling up your consciousness and achieving new heights in your life. 


Holistic HerPath Therapy

90 Day Transformation ~ $999

Are you ready to influence change from within so that you can consciously create what your heart truly desires? Are you ready to feel more fulfilled? This form of therapy is for the  women who are done with life happening to you, instead of for you. 

Discover how to live like the Queen of your environment. Develop a strong relationship with your Self . Together, let's declare your sovereignty in this life.

These sessions include a blend of guided journey work and practical work. Healing will occur as we move through and intuitively work on your deeper patterns and create freedom within. Remove unwanted fear, break free from negative mindsets, and shed light on unhealthy patterns that keep you living in the ‘status quo.’ Learn to receive Divine guidance and and influence change in your life by connecting to your Highest Self. Discover your unique mind-soul coherence to reach your highest potential. 



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