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Each soul is unique, and I believe you deserve personalized attention. Please call, text, or email to set up a free consultation so we can get you exactly what you need. My response times are very fast, usually within minutes.


*All services are available via zoom or in person

Biofield Therapy Session ~ $155

Discover the power of this unique energy healing experience, using a blend of Reiki and Celtic Ancestral healing modalities. Scientifically backed benefits include reducing anxiety, stress, depression, and pain, promoting relaxation, enhancing overall well-being, anti-aging benefits, and enhance your creative problem solving skills. 

Our sessions leave you feeling restored, joyful, and connected. Experience balanced energy for clarity, ease, and confidence, shedding toxic influences and embracing abundance. We will identify root causes of imbalances and educate you on subconscious patterns, helping to understand your physiology and begin your healing process within.


Biofield and Alternative Therapy Package of 4 ~ $497

Enjoy the benefits of using multiple sessions to create powerful results in your life. Packages are particularly effective for those looking to supplement medical care in pain management, chronic illness, or breaking addiction. It is also ideal for women who need a safe space to confidently navigate their spiritual awakening process. 


Packages are an awesome route for leveling up your consciousness and achieving new heights in your life. Depending on your needs, Biofield Therapy packages can include other forms of psychological healing applications, such as somatic bodywork, height psychology, nervous system healing, and journey work for a holistic experience in healing and achieving your goals. 


HerPath Therapy ~ 90 Day Transformative Package ~ $997 

Ladies...are you ready to influence change from within so that you can consciously create what your heart truly desires? Are you ready to feel more fulfilled? This form of therapy is for the women who are ready to make life happen for you, instead of to you. This is a practice of Self-Actualization.  

Discover how to live like the Queen of your environment. Develop a strong relationship with your Self . Together, let's declare your sovereignty in this life. Be more focused, present, energetic. Stop making decisions that undermine your value and place in this world and begin to put out the energy that attracts back what you’re worth. Access your creative problem solving to take control of your willpower and environment.  

These sessions include a blend of guided journey work and practical work. Healing will occur as we move through and intuitively work on your deeper patterns and create freedom within. Master your thoughts, behavior, and decision-making skills. Retrain your brain – change your way of thinking for the better. 


Learn to handle everyday life stressors with ease and grace and begin wielding personal power to feel more empowered and fulfilled. Observe how you influence your environment both positively and negatively and begin to make the necessary changes to start behaving in alignment with what you really want to achieve in life.

Learn to receive Divine guidance and and influence change in your life by connecting to your Highest Self. Discover your unique mind-soul coherence to reach your highest potential. If you are ready to embark on this journey of transformation, contact me to get started! 

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